Douglas R. Brown to Retire - Inductoheat Inc

Douglas R. Brown to Retire

January 2022 – Douglas R. Brown, President of Inductoheat, to retire after 42 years in the induction heating industry. Doug’s contributions to the Inductotherm Group include 14 years as President/COO of Inductoheat, 2 years as President of Alpha 1, and 15 years as Group Forging Technology Manager.

Doug holds a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from Penn State, and an MBA from Kent State. He has multiple international patents in the field of induction heating for forging and was the founding chairman of the FIA (Forging Industry Association) Induction Heating School. Douglas served on both the FIERF (Forging Industry Educational and Research Foundation) and FIA boards throughout his career. We congratulate Doug on his retirement and thank him for his years of service to the induction heating industry and The Inductotherm Group!

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