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Greenlight Quench Concentration Monitor

The Inductoheat Greenlight® Quench Concentration Monitor is a completely self-contained measurement system setting new standards for continuous monitoring of all quenching fluid types.

A one-time connection between the system sensor and the Windows® computer allows for easy set-up setup and programming of the red, yellow, and green lights indicating good, high, or low quench concentrations.

The sensor is lightweight and easy to attach to new or existing equipment, this fluid concentration system constantly monitors acceptable ranges set to customer requirements. Simply connect a small quench feed tube and attach to the push-to-connect port on the flow-through adapter. The sensor is equipped with a sapphire lens at 1024 pixel resolution and is mostly unaffected by tramp oil interference. The resolution is many times more precise than standard handheld refractometers, and it’s also dust and dirt-proof, and water-resistant.



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• Eliminates manual quench concentration checks
• Automatically records quench concentration, eliminates human error & time
• Continuously monitors for process quality control
• More accurate than eye read refractometers
• Minimizes waste and quench costs
• CQI-9 Compliant and Inductoheat Signature Monitoring compatible

GREENLIGHT® is a trademark of Houghton Technical Corp.

WINDOWS® is a trademark of Microsoft Corporation.

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