Inductoheat Company Information

Company Information

Corporate Offices 32251 N. Avis Dr., Madison Heights, MI 48071
Chairman/Group VP & President Gary Doyon & John B. Maher
Number of Employees 145
Global Locations 38 facilities worldwide

Inductoheat Company Information:

Inductoheat is leading the world in induction heating technologies. Our innovation in induction power supply design more than 50 years ago is the foundation for the development of our breakthrough technology today.

From advanced independent frequency and power inverters to digital process monitoring and SPC software solutions–from advanced billet and bar induction heating systems to predictive numerical calculation applications–from 24-hour field service support to technical seminars covering the most state-of-the-art induction technologies, Inductoheat is redefining the process of managing and owning your own induction heating equipment.

We strive to improve efficiency, productivity, and quality for our customers through constant improvement and continuous innovation. With the evolution of our proven products, Inductoheat will continue to bring the best and most advanced technology to our customers worldwide.

The Inductotherm Group

Inductoheat is part of 40 companies making up the Inductotherm Group. The Inductotherm Group offers advanced technology for the engineering, manufacturing, and service of thermal processing equipment used in the melting, heating, heat treating, forging, galvanizing, coating, cutting and welding of metals. Bringing together 40 companies with 38 manufacturing facilities located in 19 countries, Inductotherm Group delivers innovative products throughout the world. Customers rely on Inductotherm, Inductoheat, Inductoscan, Inductoforge, iRoss, Thermatool, Radyne, Consarc and other trusted brands in the Inductotherm Group to provide outstanding equipment and services.

Taking A Leadership Position

Inductoheat offers full-service capabilities similar to a “one-stop” shop for our customers. Services include a comprehensive process development and metallurgical laboratory, complete engineering design and equipment manufacturing department, a large induction coil department, a robust customer power supply training program, aftermarket support department and a 24-hour “on-call” field service group. Whether you’re performing heat treating, forging or any other thermal process, Inductoheat can put the heat where you need it!