Inductoforge® Induction Forging Equipment - Inductoheat Inc

Inductoforge® Induction Forging Equipment

During the last 40 years, induction heating has proven to be a viable and effective solution for billet and bar heating for the forging industry. Induction forging allows for the heating of a billet’s while providing reduced scale, faster start-up, and is much easier to automate than other methods of heating.

The inductoforge® brand of induction heating systems combine the flexibility of modular technology and the advanced control capability of iHAZTM (our proprietary numerical simulation software engine) to deliver the best possible temperature uniformity at the highest production rates. These systems utilize individually controlled and extremely efficient power supplies to process more lbs. per hour using less energy compared to conventional forging systems.

    • Units are built to thrive in the harsh forge shop environment
    • Heavy-duty hardened in-feed chain conveyor with adjustable side guides to suit different billet sizes
    • Integrated water recirculation system with heat exchanger
    • Integrated scale chutes
    • Power modules are similar to each other and have minimal components in each cabinet making them easier to troubleshoot and maintain
    • Long-life and rigid power modules have an excellent track record in the field for reliability and lack of downtime.
    • Multiple power supplies allow you to continue production at a slower rate in the event one module requires maintenance.