Induction Forge Heating

Induction Forge Heating Technology

Steel billet being heated by an induction forge heating technology by Inductoheat.
Inductoforge® Induction Induction Forge Heating Systems for Billets

Innovative Induction Forge Technology For Exceptional Performance

Inductoheat –  Induction Forge Heating Technology is used for heating a wide range of bar and billet diameters. Built to thrive in aggressive forging environments, the Inductoforge® power supply is the latest generation of an industrially proven system. The existing reliable technology is enhanced to provide unique features specifically benefiting the forging industry.

Induction Forge Heating Technology

Advances in our forge heating technologies include new Inductoforge® billet heating systems that use a standardized modular design, which provides flexibility in power supplies, mechanical fixtures, controls, and operation. Available for the Inductoforge® modular heating system is the IHAZ™ Temperature Profile Modeling computer program. The iHaz™ software package is a predictive numerical simulation technology that accurately forecasts the temperature throughout the cross-section of the bar/billet, from the surface to the core. These systems are very efficient and will allow more lbs. per hour using less energy compared to conventional forging systems. The use of the iHaz simulation software allows the operator to select material type, dimensions, production rate, desired temperature and other aspects to calculate the best possible recipe.

  • Upload recipe directly to induction billet heater through Ethernet.
  • Eliminate recipe guesswork
  • Power is distributed to the coil line as defined in iHaz simulation recipe.
  • During high production, the Inductoforge system will put higher power in the first modules and lower power in later modules.
  • For slower production rates, the power can be redistributed to later modules while maintaining unmatched temperature uniformity.
  • Use the power estimates provided by the iHaz calculation to determine the energy costs for quoting new projects.


  • Allows the forging unit to stop and hold the billets at temperature while problems down the line are fixed.
  • Eliminates billets from being diverted to the reject bin reducing waste.

Heavy-Duty Build Specifications

  • Units are built to thrive in the harsh forge shop environment
  • Heavy-duty hardened in-feed chain conveyor with adjustable side guides to suit different billet sizes
  • Integrated water recirculation system with heat exchanger
  • Integrated scale chutes
  • Power modules are similar to each other and have minimal components in each cabinet making them easier to troubleshoot and maintain.
  • Long-life and rigid power modules have an excellent track record in the field for reliability and lack of downtime.
  • Multiple power supplies allow you to continue production at a slower rate in the event one module requires maintenance.
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