Inductoheat - Induction Preventative Maintenance

Induction Preventative Maintenance

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Your Inductoheat equipment requires periodic checks and maintenance procedures which help to ensure that it is operating safely, reliably and with optimum efficiency. Our team of experienced field service engineers is equipped with years of industry knowledge and state of the art analysis tools. Inductoheat offers full-service maintenance plans designed to extend the life of your induction equipment.

Our Induction Preventative Maintenance Plans Include:

Electrical Preventative Maintenance Program

  • Check meter readings
  • Review maintenance records
  • Check all settings on circuit boards
  • Check complete system while in operation
  • Check oscilloscope waveforms where applicable
  • Inspect all electrical insulation for deterioration including wiring,buss bars, transformers and capacitors
  • Inspect system for loose connections or evidence of arcing
  • Check all printed circuit board for issues or carbon tracking
  • Check equipment grounding of the system
  • Insure safety circuit is present and functioning properly
  • Insure all door and panel gaskets are in place
  • Inspect isolation transformer for leaks & connections
  • Present a service report summary with recommendations and findings

Power Supply Closed Water System – Flush

  • Check entire system for leaks
  • Check water level
  • Check for proper water flow through all power components
  • Check heat exchanger
  • Clean strainers
  • Check closed-loop water quality (conductivity), drain and refill system
  • Check all fittings for electrolysis
  • Flush with WATER BASE cleaning solution (CLR)

Power Supply Closed Water System with Hose Replacement & Flush

  • Flushing – same as above
  • Re-hose power supply close water system
  • New non-conductive hose
  • New brass fittings
  • New stainless steel clamps
  • 1 hour system test followed by leak check

Inductor Maintenance & Cleaning

Extend the life and efficiency of your induction coils

  • Quality control: clean coil, hoses, bus work and tooling
  • Clean quench barrels, Teflon and contact surfaces
  • Ensure that your perishable tooling in properly tightened
  • Aftermarket coil & buss assembly repairs available

Thermal Image Analysis (Included)

  • Take thermal images of power supply (before and after support)
  • Address any area showing signs of overheating
  • Review images with customer