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Statipower® IFP™ Independent Frequency and Power

Simultaneously Vary Frequency and Power Output

The Statipower® IFP™ is a revolution in induction heat treating and is the latest in induction power supply technology. It uses a single coil design for the heat treatment of a variety of part configurations, allowing the operator to simultaneously change power output and frequency on demand while achieving different case depths during a continuous heat treating cycle.  The technical flexibility of the IFP™ effectively addresses the needs of modern industry for cost-effectiveness and superior process flexibility, greatly expanding induction equipment capabilities and further improving the metallurgical quality of heat treated components.

  • Instant independent on-demand frequency & power adjustments
  • Program different case depths during a continuous heat treating cycle
  • True optimization of metallurgical quality




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  • Designed for scanning and single-shot operations
  • IGBT-type power supply
  • Frequency adjustable between 1-60 kHz via HMI interface
  • Switchable between power and current regulation
  • Output regulation accuracy is within ±1% of rated power with ±10% line variance to ensure precise process control
  • Transformer options available to meet a majority of coil and part combinations
  • Rated for continuous duty
  • A LOW-ripple DC filter reduces the harmonic content of the AC conductor to less than 1%
  • Input power factor is 0.95 under all operating conditions
  • Profile harden by preheating with lower frequency and hardening with higher frequency
  • Reduced harden and temper cycle times
  • External PLC interface