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Statipower® SP11 Radio Frequency Induction Power Supply

The Statipower® SP11 power supply is a self-contained, stand-alone solid state transistorized system for heating a wide variety of parts. Application capabilities include hardening, tempering, brazing, soldering, melting, bonding and shrink fitting. A broad range of single-turn and other low impedance heating coils can be properly matched with built-in load tuning capacitors and multi-tap output isolation transformer.

Compact Design For Stand Alone Operation

Statipower® SP11 power supplies are up to 80% smaller and up to 2,000 lbs. lighter than conventional RF power supplies. This efficient use of space is achieved without sacrificing performance. Output power regulation is ±1% with up to ±10% line variance; the input power factor is 0.95, regardless of loading; and energy conversion efficiency exceeds 85% (a tube style RF oscillator is typically 50% efficient to the load).

Manual Or Computer Controlled Operation

All controls necessary for stand-alone operation can be built into Statipower® SP11 power supplies. This includes analog meters for voltage, frequency, current/power, and LED indicators.



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  • 50-200 kHz with a wide range of power outputs for application flexibility
  • Continuous or intermittent duty
  • 100% solid state design. Ideal replacement for less efficient oscillator tube power supplies
  • High, 0.95 input power factor under all operating conditions
  • ±1% output regulation accuracy with ±10% line variance under all operating conditions
  • Single control board for reliable operation and simplified maintenance
  • Analog display of voltage, frequency, current and output power. Optional digital heat timer
  • Built-in load matching capacitors and variable ratio isolation transformer
  • Built by the world’s largest designer and manufacturer of induction heating equipment

Tech Specs

Electrical Output Physical Data
50-200 kHz kVA Cabinet Dimensions: in. (mm) W x D x H Ship weight lbs. (kg) Cooling Water gpm. (lpm)
50 kW 62 kVa 40 x 40 x72
(1000 x1000 x 1800)
100 kW 124 kVa 52 x 40 72
(1300 x 1000 x 1800)
150 kW 190 68 x 40 72
(1730 x 1000 x 1800)